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For building constructions.

CERALAM plates are used in building construction and shipbuilding as floor covering (tile) on screed or existing floors and other hard surfaces, with no increased focused point loads and no heavy traffic.

CERALAM plates also used for exterior and interior cladding for walls and ceilings. Frequently they are used for wet rooms and sanitary areas. For example as jointless shower back walls - in combination with CERAPROTECT surface finish - very easy to care and to clean.

A special application are back ventilated walls with no increased impact loads (no emergency exits).

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Also for interior design.

In interior design CERAWALL plates are used as surface for furniture production and exhibition design. For example as back wall for display cabinets.

Often CERAWALL plates are used as technical surface, because they have excellent properties like chemical resistants.

CERAWALL plates can also processed to large jointless single areas. Due to their high strength, processing in the construction area is possible.

> Version

onesided monoplate

> Properties


4 mm | 6 mm (± 0,5 mm)


2,40 kg/sqm, per mm max. thickness

> Dimensions

untrimmed size

1.000 x 3.000 mm

stock dimension

1.000 x 2.000 | 1.000 x 1.500 | 1.000 x 1.000 mm | Further dimensions by request.

Here you find a selection of our surface-designs.



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Economic product solutions need rational processing. CERAMAX Hybridceramics are produced on a large industrial scale with consistently topmost quality. Our experience and technology ensures optimal product results for a successful and easy processing.

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