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For more success in the construction site.

A well finished polished edge, the right cutout and a drill at the right place. These factors decide your success in the construction site and your customers satisfaction. 

Again and again cutouts and drills - done in the construction site - affected unexpected delays. Furthermore there is an increased risk of breakage for the material. Calculated profit is lost through unnecessary efforts.

Let necessary and plannable processes perform by CERAMAX.


Your fitters will thank you for it!

Limited space in the construction site and time pressure at the end of a project prevents an efficient operational mode. Improvisation is needed. The risk of errors increases.

Therefore it is important to rule out sources of error.

That you and your fitters can concentrate on the essentials, we offer the whole CERAMAX product range completely processed with all applications you need.

That removes the hectic from the construction site and lead to better results. Your customers will be delighted!

Quick and easily for better results.

Only al little extra time during the final measurement and all cut outs and drills are known. 

With the CERAMAX price list all processing costs quickly find out and mounting costs are calculated simply and safe.

Our help for exact dimensions.

Don´t make any experiments. Request our details and tools for measurement. So you know what is important.

Here you find a selection of our surface-designs.



You plan - we manufacture!

Economic product solutions need rational processing. CERAMAX Hybridceramics are produced on a large industrial scale with consistently topmost quality. Our experience and technology ensures optimal product results for a successful and easy processing.

Profit from our know-how. Take advantage during processing and use.

Take our advise!

Make an appointment for a consultation. Call us (+49 511 4739700), send an email (info(at) or fill out the form.