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Frequently asked questions.


CERAMAX offers high-quality and long lasting surfaces and system solutions.

To ensure the long-term functionality of our products, not only are top-quality products a must. An  excellent standard of application is necessary as well. To guarantee this is achieved, our products have to be applied properly by qualified processors.

The exclusive sale of CERAMAX products direct to CERAMAX contractors gives them and their clients the benefit of intensive support:

CERAMAX trains tradespeople and craftsmen, gives advice on the selection of systems and shares tricks and tips.

This concept of close support guarantees a high standard of application and customer satisfaction! Please don't hesitate to get in touch if you have a specific building project in mind.

Use our form.

We are often asked how much CERAMAX Hybridceramic costs per square metre. Since every construction project and the individual project conditions are different, there is no simple answer to this simple question...

CERAMAX products meet the highest standards of quality in terms of both surface and application.

Those who choose CERAMAX benefit from long-lasting products, high quality surfaces and sophisticated design.

To ensure that clients can rely on the highest standards of quality, CERAMAX subjects its products to an extensive quality assurance. To guarantee proper application on the building site, CERAMAX works exclusively with specialized craftsmen. In this way CERAMAX ensures that the building project is executed flawlessly for planners and clients alike.

Are you looking for lasting solutions to your problems?

You will certainly get temporary relief with simple, cheap solutions. However, it will not last long.

CERAMAX premium products are the sustainable and lasting solution to your problems! First-class products, designed to meet with approval and bring positive feelings. With durable surfaces and sophisticated design.

About hybridceramic.

With conventional ceramic the thickness of the panel increases with expanding size.

CERAMAX hybridceramic can be produced - thanks of a special hybrid production technology - in large jumbo-formats (up to 150 x 320 cm) up from 3 mm thickness.

Hightech. Efficient and sustainable.

CERAMAX HYBRIDCERAMIC is mineral based. It contains clay, granite, metamorphic rocks, silicate minerals und ceramic pigments.

CERAMAX Hybridceramic is nonflammable. The fire reaction depends on the product-type and is classified with A1 | A2.

The handling of CERAMAX plates is comparable to the handling of glass plates and large construction boards.

Do not place the CERAMAX plates directly onto any surface like concrete, stone or metal.

Yes, they can. Please check existing floors like natural stone, marble for it’s solidity and adhesion to it’s ground it has been laid onto.

Please remove PVC and residue glue completely.

Please check any wooden floors for their solidity and possible adhesion. Only solid wood floor covering can be used which are well connected to it’s ground. It needs to be certain that the wood will not expand and stay stabile for the needed planarity.

Please also check existing floor coverings | floor grounds for their flatness and planarity. For more details take a look to our technical guide.

CERAMAX hybridceramic is made of natural raw materials like clay, granite, metamorphic rocks, silicate minerals und ceramic pigments, so manufacturing tolerances are possible.


Naturally impurities and pigments of used raw materials will not covered by glaze. The unique character and pleasant haptic will remain. Especially light surfaces may occur pigments, which belongs to the appearance of naturally unglazed ceramics. They are a quality feature for the use of naturally raw materials and give no reason for complaint.

Structure- and color tolerances:

Also structures and colors may vary slightly due to the manufacturing process. These differences give no reason for complaint.

CERAWALL and CERALAM can be laid onto concrete or cement plaster exterior walls. For more details take a look to our technical guide.