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For safety bonding.

As weather protection, outside facades are extremely stressed by static and thermal forces. CERASHIELD ceramic facades protect buildings and are quickly and easy mounted.

Available in different versions.

CERASHIELD facade-products are available for different application areas. Optimal in line with the requirements.

With a minimum plate thicknesses of 6 mm and plate formats up to 1,500 x 3,200 mm.

  • Plates up to 6 mm thickness are glued directly on a sub-construction or produced to facade modules with glued adapter profiles on their backside.
  • Plates up from 8 mm thickness get an mechanical bonding to adapter elements. 

The mechanical CERASHIELD plate bonding (up from 8 mm) with European Technical Assessment ETA-16/0096 (by DIBt | German Institute for Building Technology, Berlin) is allowed throughout all EU member states.

Therefore the use of CERASHIELD as facade material is possible, up from 8 mm plate thicknesses, in all EU countries, without having to apply for authorization in the individual states.



Three CERATEC facade systems with CERASHIELD surfaces as all-in-one solution.

CERAMAX offers three facade systems for different uses and applications. The agraffe system (holding brackets) CERATEC NEO, the adapter system CERATEC ECO and the bonding system CERATEC BASE. 


The CERASHIELD NEO system consists of a holding track profile (CERATEC holding track) to fix the pre-processed CERASHIELD facade panel on the substructure at the construction site. 

For quick and easy mounting. - Under any conditions!


The CERASHIELD ECO system consists of a CERATEC carrier-profile to fix the pre-processed CERASHIELD ECO facade-modul on the substructure at the construction site. 

So quick and easy mounting is possible. - Under any weather conditions!


CERASHIELD BASE based on a bonding system with general building approval of the supervisory authority by the "German Institute of Building Technology" (DIBT), Berlin. 

It consists of an adhesive and a prefixing tape, which holds the CERASHIELD panel during the full vulcanization of the glue.

CERAMAX. One of the pioneers for ceramic claddings with jumbo formats.

As a specialist for Hybridceramic CERAMAX offers highly stressable facade materials for invisible and efficient fastening. For wall claddings and facades - inside and outside.

Unique xxl-ceramic-slabs for facades. With plate-formats up to 1,500 x 3,200 mm. As well as storey overstretching facade modules up to 4,000 mm height.  





...and here a typical application:



You plan - we manufacture!

Economic product solutions need rational processing. CERAMAX Hybridceramics are produced on a large industrial scale with consistently topmost quality. Our experience and technology ensures optimal product results for a successful and easy processing.

Profit from our know-how. Take advantage during processing and use.

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