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Maximum quality = maximum benefit!

Economic product solutions need rational processing. CERAMAX hybridceramics are produced on a large industrial scale with consistently topmost quality. Our experience and technology ensures optimal product results for a successful and easy processing.

Ten important quality advantages.

1. Chemical resistant.

CERAMAX hybridceramic is resistant to every surface treatment with organic and non organic solutions. Disinfectants and cleaning agents are unable to damage the surface. CERAMAX hybridceramic is easy to clean. Surface properties remains. Only hydrofluoric acid is able to damage CERAMAX hybridceramic surfaces.

2. Hygienic.

CERAMAX hybridceramic is absolutely food-safe. There is no evaporation of any substances. Fungi, bacteria and mould cannot penetrate the CERAMAX surface.

3. Easy to clean. Anti-graffiti surface.

CERAMAX is a graffiti proof hybridceramic. It is easy to clean and even the strongest graffiti paints can be easily removed.

4. Fire resistant.

CERAMAX hybridceramic consists of 100% non organic materials and is nonflammable. In the case of fire CERAMAX emits no smoke or toxic substances. 

5. Heat resistant.

Under influence of heat, CERAMAX hybridceramic remains stabil in shape and surface.

6. Frost resistant.

CERAMAX hybridceramic is frost resistant and stabil under all atmospheric and climatic conditions. CERAMAX hybridceramic does not absorb any more moisture. (Coefficient close to 0).

7. Scratch resistant.

CERAMAX hybridceramic has an abrasion- and absolutely scratch resistant porcelain-surface, MOHS-Hardness = 8 (Industrial diamond = 10). The properties remain unchanged even after extended use and cleaning.

8. UV-ray resistant.

CERAMAX hybridceramic does not contain any organic pigments, therefore it is absolutely uv-resistant.

9. Flexural strength.

CERAMAX hybridceramic has a high breaking strength.

10. Environmentally friendly and recyclable.

CERAMAX hybridceramic is a 100 % natural product and consists of the same raw materials as porcelain dishes. It does not release any substances into the environment and can be easily milled and recycled in other manufacturing processes.

A wide range of possibilities.

CERAMAX hybridceramic provides multiple possibilities for application. For example tunneling. 

Also interior design, exhibition design and furniture production is possible. Or ship building and hospital construction.

Floor- and wall-coverings, inside and outside. Section walls or facades for private and business projects.

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